Legendary Alabama head football coach Nick Saban might have a future in marriage counseling once his coaching career is over.

During the weekly "Hey Coach & the Nick Saban Show" on Thursday, host Chris Stewart told Saban not to be offended if media guest Chris Breece, sports director for CBS 42, were to leave early because his wife is 41 weeks pregnant.

Breece explained that his wife gave him the OK to be on the show, but, emphasizing the importance of relationships, Saban questioned why Breece was there instead of with his pregnant wife.

"I don't even think you should be here," Saban told Breece. "I mean, why would you?"

"Well, you know, relationships are really, really important, and, you know, you've got to kind of give more than you take," he added.

Breece went on to ask Saban for relationship advice on how to not upset his wife before she gives birth.

"Well, I don't think you really have to prove anything," the coach replied. "You just do what you do, and, you know, maybe that will help your relationship in a lot of ways. You know, relationship building is, like I said, you've got to give more than you take, you've got to help more than you receive, so if you keep that up, you know, I think you should be fine."

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