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The third-ranked University of Alabama football team fell to the No. 11 Texas Longhorns on Saturday, and a viral video shows some fans apparently didn't take the 34-24 loss too well.

A video uploaded on Sunday allegedly shows some Alabama fans calling some Longhorns players on the sidelines "faggots" and telling the players to "go back to the projects" as the Texas players celebrated and mocked the fans late in the game.

Former Alabama star George Teague, who won a national title with the Tide in 1992, said the fans were disrespectful and added there "was no place for this."

The mother of Texas running back Tre Wisner called the fans a "disgrace" and claimed fans not only threw beer cans and water bottles at the Longhorns contingent but also spit on them.

The University of Alabama issued a statement regarding the incident, saying the university condemned the behavior.

"We are disgusted by reports of vile language and inappropriate behavior Saturday night," Monica Watts said in a statement from the university. "To be clear, we condemn this behavior, and it will not be tolerated in our venues. It is not representative of UA or our values. We expect all attendees to act with class and respect toward others. Fans are strongly encouraged to report issues to our security resources on-site. Gameday and delayed reports are appropriately addressed, and anyone found to be in violation of our rules and expectations is promptly removed and may be banned from future events."

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