The woman who poured a container of water over former State Rep. Kyle South at a public hearing Wednesday has a lengthy history of disruptive behavior at various events across the state.

The Environmental Protection Agency hosted the hearing to discuss a proposed denial of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management's permit plan for storing coal ash.

During public comment, a woman named Anne DiPrizio stood up to speak and ended up pouring water on South's head twice.

South didn't react to the dousing, and AL(dot)com reported that DiPrizio continued to shout obscenities at everyone in the room. South resigned his seat in the House of Representatives to serve as the CEO of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

DiPrizio has a lengthy history of disruptive behavior at events throughout the state. 1819 News reported in July that police escorted DiPrizio out of a public health meeting on birthing centers for yelling and making vulgar gestures to public health officials.

She was also recently kicked out of an Autauga County Library Board meeting for repeated disruption. On the way out, she yelled at Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie, calling him a bigot.

DiPrizio has a long rap sheet with charges of criminal mischief, four charges of disorderly conduct, and two of failure to obey. She was also found guilty of domestic violence and pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing.

DiPrizio's ex-husband accused her of struggling with "severe" mental illness in court filings. During the divorce proceedings, the husband claimed DiPrizio "created a document dictating how she will ruin the Husband's career, making false allegations of sexual misconduct and bad behavior…" "She also indicates that she will make allegations that he is sexually inappropriate with their minor daughter."

The husband also claimed DiPrizio threatened to kill him on multiple occasions.

DiPrizio was arrested in 2018 for blocking Interstate 459 in protest of an officer-involved shooting.

DiPrizio was also escorted out of the Alabama State House in 2019 for yelling and painting on the walls after the legislature passed strict abortion restrictions.

DiPrizio, who at least was a Unitarian "minister" in 2015, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for refusing to leave the Autauga County Probate Office. The Montgomery Advertiser reported she was attempting to perform a same-sex marriage after Probate Judge Al Booth had halted all marriage ceremonies in the office. She was charged after refusing to leave the building and received a 30-day suspended sentence and six months probation.

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