We couldn’t go without mentioning the new kid on the block in Alabama political journalism here at 1819 News – the Alabama Reflector.

So on behalf of our editorial staff, I want to welcome the newest publication to the online community, which I am sure will do well under the leadership of the indefatigable Brian Lyman, who, we can’t help but ask, why so serious?

Yes, the stated objective is to deliver us to the promised land and deliver the pain, or something like that.

With that, we look forward to being told how we are unaware of how miserable we are in this state and how it can only be cured with elective abortions on demand, Medicaid for all, being in a chronic state of climate panic and even more money for a beleaguered K-12 public education system.

At least, that was the takeaway on the first day.

In the meantime, the editorial staff of 1819 News looks forward to the forthcoming Alabama Reflector headlines and think pieces.

  • More Lizzo, Less Nick Saban

  • Is your Lily Pulitzer dress racist?

  • Progress in Alabama starts with public library drag queen storytime

  • Dr. Scott Harris, a gubernatorial candidate we all can agree on

  • Jason Isbell tops Hank Williams as an Alabama icon

  • The appalling toxic masculinity of SEC football

  • The perils of adolescent boys and girls in the same locker room are exaggerated

  • OMG CoNfEdErAtE HoLiDaYs

  • Fossil fuel-powered pickup trucks are insensitive and offensive

  • We want to be reporters working in Alabama! Really. There is nowhere else we’d rather be

  • This time is different! Journalism from a left-wing perspective really will change the values in Alabama

We offer these suggestions in jest, obviously. But as a goodwill gesture, feel free to borrow any of them.


Jeff Poor

Executive Editor, 1819 News