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A months-long investigation by the West Alabama Human Trafficking Taskforce has led to 12 felony charges against six suspects accused of attempting to meet someone they believed to be under the age of 16.

According to a report from ABC News, all six men were reportedly in contact with an undercover individual operating the profile of someone claiming to be a minor. Five of the men allegedly went to a house to meet the underaged girl but were instead greeted by an investigator.

"So we do a really good job of talking to our kids about stranger danger, don't approach the white van with free puppies or free kitties or whatever scenario you want to throw out there, but we don't equate that with social media," Task force Investigator Sergeant Ashley Blalock told ABC. "We don't do a really good job explaining to our kids that they should have that same mentality while online."

She further stated the importance of teaching children not to give out personal information, including addresses or the name of the school they attend.

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