Saturday’s return of a more intense Nick Saban on the sidelines can be attributed to none other than “Miss Terry.”

Over the years, Nick Saban has had his fair share of broken headsets and yelling outbursts. However, this year he has showcased a more mild-mannered version of himself. The way he handled an ugly and messy victory over South Florida was the perfect example of his gentler version.

That changed on Saturday during the game against Mississippi State, as Saban displayed a high level of animation throughout, particularly in the first half. Several players and coaches found themselves on the wrong end of the sideline outbursts. It was reminiscent of classic Saban, as he continued to passionately motivate his players, even with a significant lead in the late stages of the game.

After the game, Saban was asked about his animated behavior on the sidelines, and he acknowledged that his wife was the source behind the behavior.

“Miss Terry told me if they’re not playing good, to get on their butt,” Saban said. “I was just doing what I was told.”

Nobody knows Nick Saban better than “Miss Terry.” She has been alongside him through all the highs and the lows. Saban doesn’t listen to the outside noise, but when he gets it from his wife, he listens.

Seeing an animated Saban on the sidelines felt like 2009 again, and it could be needed next week with what is on Alabama’s schedule.

This Saturday, Alabama will face another huge challenge with a road trip to Texas A&M. Kyle Field is one of the toughest places to play in the nation. The last time the two played inside Kyle Field, Alabama lost. Both teams have taken a similar pathway, losing an out-of-conference game and rebounding with two SEC wins.

The winner on Saturday will be all alone in first place in the SEC West and the last undefeated team in the division.

Another animated Saban on Saturday could be just what this team needs to spark them in the right direction.

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