GUNTERSVILLE — Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth has won reelection against Libertarian opponent Ruth Page-Nelson. Ainsworth and his supporters gathered at the City Harbor in Guntersville to watch the polls come in Tuesday evening and celebrate his victory.

“Today our state voted to keep Alabama moving forward with proven conservative policies and to keep the momentum going,” Ainsworth said after his race was called. “[C]ertainly in Alabama, there’s a huge red wave, and what the people in Alabama said is they’re tired of woke politics, they’re tired of runaway inflation, they're tired of open borders, they’re tired of big government Democrat giveaways.”

He touted Alabama’s “on fire” economy and its overall handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as significant accomplishments in the previous years. However, he said the “fight” is not over.

Over the next four years, Ainsworth said he plans to continue focusing on the military, locating Space Command in Alabama, improving education, cutting taxes and decreasing government waste.

“Most importantly, we’re going to continue to protect the Alabama values that continue to make this such a great place to live, work and, obviously, enjoy a lake like Lake Guntersville.”

Ainsworth was first elected as lieutenant governor in 2019. This will be his second term in office.

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