As operations at Tru-Wood Cabinet Company, LLC, and Ashland Trucking Company wind down, some would-be customers are experiencing headaches and facing the loss of money.

The Clay County companies announced they would discontinue operations no later than September 3. Now, some of those who already put deposits on their orders from Tru-Wood told 1819 News they don’t have cabinets and still haven’t gotten their deposits back.

One woman said she has a family member that works at Tru-Wood, so she doesn’t want her name revealed. However, she ordered cabinets in July to remodel a kitchen and put down nearly $5,000.

She has tried to get answers but to no avail, and she said the stressful situation has caused a trickle-down effect.

“I am scrambling to figure out if I can get cabinets in time for demo to start on time,” she said. “I don’t like that this is potentially going to cause a problem for my contractor who also has other jobs lined up as well. If I can’t meet my timeline, it ruins holiday plans. I also feel very bad for my family member who is losing their job.”

The woman said the remodel is slated to begin at the end of September. With only a few more weeks to go, she has been unable to get word from Tru-Wood and is struggling to find another option that meets her needs.

All employees of Tru-Wood are being laid off and the company said on August 17 that it regretted not giving more notice of the permanent closure.

“Although we would have preferred to give you more notice of this company shutdown, doing so was not feasible,” a letter from president and CEO Butch Reimer read. “Tru-Wood sought new funds and/or new business opportunities in an effort to remain open. Unfortunately, we determined on August 16, 2022, that our efforts were unsuccessful, and we are forced to close Tru-Wood completely.”

Meanwhile, those who have already paid a deposit for cabinets are waiting to see what happens next.

“I'm not the only customer in this predicament,” the customer told 1819 News.

1819 News has tried numerous times to contact Tru-Wood Cabinetry with no success.

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