Yolanda Rochelle Flowers is a Democratic candidate for Governor of Alabama. The Birmingham woman has made her Christian faith and public prayer the centerpiece of her campaign, which includes lots of Biblical quotes.

“As I anticipate Christmas each year, though temporal as that day is, I seek a more spiritual day, a more spiritual reality of a day of Christ’s return, not as a babe swaddled in cloths lying in a manger, but as King of kings and LORD of lords,” Flowers wrote on social media. “That’s what I’m eagerly waiting for. And this reality I have is that my citizenship is not of this earth, but is in heaven and that changes the whole trajectory of my travels. But, while I’m traveling through this land called Alabama, I will fight, stand, speak, show forth HIS praises, and run the gubernatorial race with hope, courage, and equity. This blessed hope is fortified by knowing that with every passing day, I am/we are one day closer to Jesus’ return indeed."

Flowers went on to ask for prayer for the state and for her and other candidates running for governor. She then urged Alabamians to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“My Dear Alabama, this is year three of this virus, and 48% of Americans still are not convinced that they should get the vaccine, even Turmp’s supporters booed him when he admitted he was vaccinated and how important it is to get vaccinated,” Flowers said. “Seeing how there are so many Americans who are against President Biden, one would think that Trump’s partisan clan would be all for getting vaccinated since he said he received his vaccination.”

Flowers blasted U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) for blocking President Joe Biden’s agenda.

“So, Jesus, it’s up to You to do what You do best!” Flowers said. “Without You we won’t be able to build back better our country. There are so many people kicking against the pricks, and Joe Manchin is one of them.”

Flowers condemned the murders that are happening too frequently in Alabama, particularly in her native Jefferson County.

“Great morning, My Dear Alabama! It seems that we’re not praying enough!” Flowers wrote “Alabamians are still dying by the hand of our enemy. This is the only way to stay his hand. It was reported that a man and a woman were murdered in their home, but the crying child remains alive. As standing alone in Jefferson County, this brings the total to 208 victims dead, 128 on Birmingham to date. Hell is enlarging itself while we’re sitting by all nonchalant refusing to pray. Please note, according to GOD’S word, ”one can send a thousand to flight, but two ten thousand. (Joshua 23: 10 and Deuteronomy 32:30).”

Flowers studied at the University of Tennessee.

She and Enterprise businessman Chad “Chig” Martin have both qualified to run as Democrats for Governor. Dothan area LGBTQ activist Chris Countryman has announced his candidacy but has not qualified yet.

The Democratic Party primary is May 24, 2022.

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