An east Alabama youth sports coach has been arrested over allegations of ongoing sexual abuse spanning nearly 10 years.

Michael Shane Tripp, 35, of Roanoke, is facing multiple charges, including second-degree rape. Tripp was the coach for several activities with the city of Roanoke recreational sports leagues.

The victim is a non-blood relative, according to police. Roanoke Police Chief Jonathan Caldwell said the abuse started when the victim was around 10 or 11 years old.

Tripp denied the claims and maintained his innocence. He also said he was not given the correct paperwork when served with a protection order. In a letter to a judge, Tripp admitted to having a bad temper and said he had only slapped a woman once in the past in reaction to her kicking him.

Chief Caldwell said anytime his department receives a report of possible sex crimes. It becomes a top priority for his investigators.

“That’s always something we jump on fast,” said Caldwell. “For the protection of the child, we look into it immediately.”

Caldwell said he believes this was an isolated event and has not heard of the possibility of any other victims.

Tripp was also charged with violation of a domestic violence protection order, breach of a protection order and violation of a family protection order. Deputies with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office said those charges were applied when Tripp refused to leave a location listed in the order. The Sheriff’s Office also said he tried contacting a person listed in the order while in jail.

Jail records show Tripp was booked into the Randolph County Jail on Aug. 16 and is being held on a $42,500 bond.

A court-appointed attorney for Tripp said she has no comment on the allegations at this time.

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