This week Bryan interviews US Senator Tommy Tuberville, or as we like to call him, Coach, regarding the latest on his fight to prevent tax dollars from funding abortions and keeping men from competing against women in Division I athletics.

The Department of Defense is attempting to fund paid time off as well as travel expenses for women who are seeking abortions stationed in a state that prevents the murder of children in the womb. Coach is fighting this fight with everything he has and is being demonized in the press for it. We tell the other side.

Coach is also fighting back against men competing in women's sports, and they discuss how ridiculous it is that we are even having to have the conversation.

At the end of the day, Coach Tuberville is going head to head with the idols of our day and he is doing so relentlessly.

Our 'After Hours' this week will be 1819 News Operations Director Parker Snider coming on to discuss redistricting as it has been ruled that a ""Special Master"" must draw the maps. What does that mean for your Congressional District? Tune in to find out!

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