Lies are the native language of feminists, whether they call abortion healthcare or tell women they can't be fulfilled unless they’re stuffed in office cubicles, climbing the corporate ladder.

On this episode, Bryan is joined by The Ladies of Liberty (Dixie & Trixie, aka Amie Beth Shaver and Allison Sinclair of Alabama Unfiltered Radio) to dive into the lies and long-term effects of feminism.

Starting with the outrageous commercial California’s Governor Gavin Newsom made about Alabama's abortion laws, we unpack the rotten fruit of feminism. Much of the destruction of Western Civilization and the nation in which we live can be placed at the foot of their denial of nature and nature’s God.

Overtime Segment: The Ladies of Liberty share how Title IX is much bigger than simply sports and how the Biden administration’s changes will have enormous ramifications.

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