If you’re following 1819 News, you’ve heard the horror stories of pornographic books placed in the children's section of public libraries across Alabama. You’ve probably asked yourself if this is really happening, too. It is.

Deviant ideologues are pushing books containing explicit writing and images that encourage children to question their gender and perform homosexual acts with one another. These people are purposefully corrupting the innocence of children.

This week, we hit this disgusting travesty head-on as we sit down with the founder of Clean Up Alabama, Hannah Rees, to hear the story of how one angry momma bear made a huge difference for her community and, ultimately, the entire state.

Over time Rees’ leadership attracted an incredible group of warriors and partnerships with activist organizations across the state. But it can’t be forgotten that the fight started with her deciding she wasn't going to allow this literature to remain on the shelves of the Prattville Public Library – no matter what it took.

This podcast is one of the most encouraging stories of victory for conservatives in Alabama. Hannah talks about the wins, how they were accomplished, and the work that still needs to be done.

Overtime Segment: Bryan and Hannah discuss why just Momma Bears are getting it done and ask, “Where are the men?!?” Plus, Hannah shares the importance of “following through”, as she likes to say.

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