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There’s no question that stories hold tremendous power. From the pages of Scripture to the library shelves where some of the world’s greatest novels are stored, our world has been shaped by the stories we tell ourselves.

As it turns out, we’re not just “brains on a stick” or computing devices bent on the digestion of raw analytical data—we’re flesh and blood humans with souls that long to be moved upward and onward by compelling narratives. We’re waiting to be moved and inspired. We want to be a part of the grand sweep of a drama far bigger than ourselves. We long not only to tell powerful stories, but to be wrapped up in them, too. Plato, in the final analysis, was right: “Those who tell stories rule society.”

Sadly, too many on the conservative right have willingly allowed the left to tell the story of America, which is why there’s so much indoctrinated self-loathing going on in our culture. It’s also why so many conservatives are losing the cultural ground game. From BLM to high schools and universities, critical race theory and Hollywood, we’re constantly battered with the belief that America is an inherently racist, oppressive place to live. The way the left tells the story, you’d think America was the worst country ever to have existed.

Unfortunately, many within the upcoming generations mistakenly believe this is true. In the end, Lee Habeeb was right: “To continue to let the left tell the story of America to Americans without competing fiercely in media isn’t just gross negligence; it’s cultural suicide.”

What we need is new storytellers, free to tell the truth, no matter the optics, no matter the consequences. While there’s plenty to learn from our past and much we would do differently, that doesn’t mean we have to be ashamed of our people and place. We can and must celebrate what is good, true, and beautiful about our state.

Because we so thoroughly believe the maxim that storytellers rule the world, we’ve launched This Alabama Life, a video podcast that charts a course through new territory to bring you the stories of Alabama in high definition. Hosted by Don Keith and Andrea Tice, this podcast tells the stories of Alabama’s people with in-depth interviews and incredible stories that will make listeners more than ever appreciative of the amazing people and culture of Alabama. We’ll interview famous sports legends, renowned artists, incredible businesses, politicians, and more, as we seek to tell the story of Alabama.

Stylistically, This Alabama Life will be somewhat of a combination between ESPN’s 30-for-30 in-the-field reporting and Tucker Carlson’s in-studio show. There will be a mix of interviews, documentary-style storytelling, and informative monologue, but the essential ingredient is found in the riveting stories so often located in the least likely people and places. Video episodes will be featured on, Gab, and YouTube, while audio versions can be subscribed to on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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