This week Bryan sits down for a very important conversation with Dr. Stewart Tankersley regarding the experimental gene therapy shots that were labeled vaccines and what our state government is or isn't doing about it. Dr. Tankersley is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Concerned Doctors, a third generation family doctor, former Colonel in the Army National Guard, and former member of the Alabama Ethics Commission. He is arguably Alabama's leading voice on all things pertaining to the Wu Flu and the gene therapy ""remedy"" that was foisted upon us.

The Florida Surgeon General is doing everything in his power to halt the distribution and use of these shots in his state, meanwhile Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is doing everything they can to promote the shots and give them to children.

Bryan and Dr. Tankersley also discuss one of the most important interviews of our lifetime that was recently had between Brett Weinstein and Tucker Carlson.

You can find that interview here:

Overtime: In this week's overtime Bryan asks Dr. Tankersley what the solution is. Tankersley's response... REPENTANCE

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