Should children in the womb be granted the same protections as those

living outside the womb? That is the question we ask Attorney Bradley Pierce who has

authored the vast majority of the 'Equal Protection' bills filed across the country.

Bradley lays out the legal argument for why he believes the unborn should be protected

from homicide the same way any person outside the womb would be.

Pierce outlines some of the common myths and frequently asked questions pertaining

to legislation that would provide equal protection under the law to the unborn. Discussed

as well, are some of the surprising ways the big, institutional pro-life groups have fought

against great pro-life legislation.

OVERTIME: IVF is one of the biggest stories in Alabama and America right now.

Bradley Pierce, a lawyer who specializes in this space, walks us through what

happened in Mobile and what the Alabama legislature's response has been – including

attempts to grant full blow immunity despite some common-sense amendments that

were tabled.

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