This week Bryan sits down with ALGOP Chairman John Wahl to hear his story and how he got into politics. They also talk about the DeSantis and Trump events and how those caliber of headline speakers can actually cause the state's leaders to become more conservative.

John discusses legislative victories in the state as well as things that will be a priority in the future.

In God's providence, Chairman Wahl sits on the State Library Board at a very pivotal time. They discuss the attacks that have come his way for simply talking to concerned parents and the fact that the pornographic books causing the issues are just one more form of social engineering to rid America of her Christian roots.

They also look forward to the Presidential election and talk Vivek, Trump, and DeSantis.

OVERTIME: This week's overtime segment features Bryan and John discussing the AEA's involvement in Republican candidates and how that is problematic and what the party is doing about it.

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