• Nick Saban announces his retirement from coaching AL football after 17 years
  • The state opts out of the EBT program for students due to federal cuts in funding
  • 30 percent of workers at Mercedes plant in Vance sign onto unionization
  • Family sues Washington county sheriff for death of Mobile police officer in 2022
  • Wes Kitchens is declared winner in state senate district 9 special election
  • Bryan Brinyark wins House district seat 16 over Democrat John Underwood
  • Pre-filed bill allows non public schools to enter contract with SROs


  • DefSec still in hospital on Tuesday while meeting with Joe Biden over Red Sea
  • Hunter Biden shows for committee meeting only to flee when questioned
  • Chris Christie drops out of GOP presidential primary, bashes Nikki Haley on mic
  • TX man seeking to remove Trump's name from ballot charged with 33 felonies
  • WI judge determines that absentee voting VANS are illegal to use
  • Big report out of MI over police investigating voter registration scam in 2020
  • 5th circuit court upholds efficiency standards on dishwashers & laundry machines

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