• 3rd day of Alabama legislative session gets underway today
  • Education Trust Fund and State General Budget proposals will be largest in state history
  • Mobile City council to consider a ordinance to ban camping on public property
  • Montgomery man charged in Bama Lanes shooting is out despite raised bond amount
  • PA company to renovate a Fairfield manufacturing plant with 25 million dollars
  • Tuskegee airman dies at the age of 102, flew over 400 fighter combat missions


  • Dr. Anthony Fauci's insult of KS Senator results in a new bill regarding public financials
  • Dem leaders pull a bait and switch manuever on a NASA leasing bill headed to Senate
  • General Electric ends vaccine mandate and testing of employees after SCOTUS ruling
  • Gallup poll in 2021 shows 14 point swing of Democrat to Republican Party affiliation

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