• State AG asks SCOTUS for a stay on 3 judge ruling against congressional districts
  • Qualifying extended in congressional district primaries
  • All other state races have ended the qualifying period
  • Governor Ivey is now in a primary field of 14 other challengers
  • Dothan woman charged with death of unborn baby after altercation
  • Tuskegee judge to consider request for removing confederate monument
  • Dauphin Island has first Mardi Gras parade of the season


  • Harvard Professor weighs in on Biden's criteria for next Supreme Court justice
  • Video footage of GA ballot harvesters in action now released by True the Vote
  • Canadian convoy against vaccine mandates is leading to one here in the US
  • Federal workers within State Department form group to legally fight vaccine mandate
  • Howard Hesseman of "WKRP in Cincinnati" dies at age 81

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