• Barry Moore calls out the Uniparty and refuses to vote on more $ to Ukraine
  • AG Marshall applauds SCOTUS taking case on Trump & primary ballot in CO
  • GOP primary candidate says he won't let certain groups take his vote card
  • A classical charter school to open up this Fall in Prattville
  • Dr. Tankersley applauds FL move to ban C19 Vaccine, calls on AL to do same
  • Funeral services are today for GA officer killed in crash here in AL


  • House Speaker and Senate leader agree on total amount for spending bills
  • Reaction comes in over Def Sec's secret admission to ICU on New Year's Day
  • Mike Pence claims no FBI involved in J6, bc Director Wray said so
  • LA congressman says FBI was involved in J6, and he has evidence
  • US attorney expands his prosecution of J6ers to include those outside building

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