• SCOTUS declines to hear case from AL death row inmate, Toforest Johnson
  • WSJ writes opinion on nitrogen hypoxia method to be used in AL execution
  • 1819 CEO talks with Gen. Michael Flynn about 5th generation warfare
  • Plaintiff in lawsuit against SPLC speaks about impact of "hate list"
  • Judge blocks new regulations on birthing centers from implementation
  • Jefferson county sheriff does 180 on shutting down bingo halls


  • 9 year old girl found alive in NY after being abducted 2 days ago in park
  • SCOTUS refuses to hear case trying to keep Trump off 2024 ballot
  • Donald Trump give blistering rebuke after NYC court hearing on "fraud"
  • CA Governor appoints woman to vacant senate seat whose residency is in question
  • District judge rules against TX state law that bans drag queen performance in front of minors

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