• Sen. Tuberville calls out Democrats for seeking senate rule changes
  • The AL Public Library Services to end membership dues to ALA
  • State lawmaker calls on city and county to help Birmingham Southern College
  • Federal prosecutors to seek bond revocation re: state lawmaker John Rogers
  • ALEA to not release body camera footage until investigation fully completed
  • 2 men plead guilty to August Riverfront brawl in Montgomery


  • A 2 day manhunt in Maine ends with mass shooter Robert Card found dead
  • Israel has ground forces in the Gaza Strip, as conflict moves to next level
  • Former VP Mike Pence announces end of his primary presidential campaign
  • Auto Industry Execs are rethinking EV sales goals: data shows little interest
  • Actor Matthew Perry dead at age of 54 from cardiac arrest leading to drowning
  • 3 scientists discuss discovery of contaminants in Covid 19 vaccine

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