• ALGOP's John Wahl weighs in on 3 Redistricting maps
  • General Mike Flynn on 1819 podcast says prayer is a weapon
  • AL House speaker creates committee to study low workforce participation
  • JeffCo judge denies motion in Patrick Stallworth case
  • 2 Lee county citizens promote bill for post election audits in 10% of precincts
  • Statewide fire alert issued by Alabama Forestry Commission


  • Kevin McCarthy out as Speaker of House, says he will not run again
  • US Pentagon official arrested for running dog fighting ring in Maryland
  • NY judge gives gag order to Trump on second day of courtroom action
  • Trial date of May set for NJ senator Bob Menendez accused of bribery
  • Massive human trafficking bust in Ohio lands 160 people behind bars
  • Catholics confused by Pope Francis waffling over same sex marriages

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