• ACLL lawyer Matthew Clark reacts to recent statement by Joe biden
  • State senator updates 1819 News on recent state law for religious exemptions
  • Federal judge orders AL Department of Corrections to hire more staff by 2025
  • There's a 2022 tax credit for those who build a certain storm shelter on property
  • Protective Stadium sells out its tickets for the Birmingham Bowl held this past Tuesday


  • The CDC is now surveilling dozens of cruise ships with influx of Covid 19 cases
  • Second Democrat governor announces no mask mandate for his state for Omicron
  • AL Senator Tommy Tuberville says no to transgender athletes competing in girl's sports
  • USA Swimming official goes on Fox News about her resignation in protest of Lia Thomas
  • Rasmusson polls American adults about JK Rowling's recent statement on genders
  • PA judge rules that Fulton County voting machines can be inspected by state senate

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