• Sen. Tuberville ends his hold on military promotions within Senate Committee
  • Prayer rather than protests are in the works for Drag show in Albertville
  • Pre-filed bill address constitutional carry law and questions from police
  • A new state house in Montgomery to cost $325 million for construction
  • 4 candidates to take to stage in Tuscaloosa for final RNC primary debate


  • NC congressman joins 40+ others who will not seek re-election in 2024
  • GOP Senators spitting mad at FBI director during recent hearing
  • FBI arrests actor for J6 involvement who also part of Babylon Bee
  • Microsoft's partnership with Chi-coms revealed by Washington Free Beacon
  • TN senator's efforts to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein flight log, squashed by Dem
  • Sen. Durbin likes a bill that would put illegal immigrants into US military

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