• Sen. Tuberville calls out climate hysteria on Senate floor
  • Release of 400 inmates is pared down to 100 due to state law re: victims
  • State senator to offer bill that pushes mandated inmate release to 2030
  • 1819 fiscal writer Justin Bogie talks state budget expansion on 93.1
  • Aldi opens up huge new distribution center in Baldwin County


  • FBI did search Penn Biden Center in November, all sides mum about it
  • US media reports Ukraine president ordered doc destruction re: biolabs
  • 3 Twitter execs to testify to House oversight committee on tech censoring
  • FL governor calls on Congress to investigate AT&T deplatforming Newsmax
  • Judge may release names of bond posters for Sam Bankman-Fried
  • Manslaughter charges officially issued against actor Alec Baldwin
  • IL school worker defrauds cafeteria of $1.5 M in chicken wings!

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