• AL Senate passes bill that prohibits gender surgery/therapy for 18 and under
  • AL truckers to meet in Cullman this Saturday and merge with National convoy
  • A bill needs full senate vote to approve liquor sales by way of drive through
  • Winfield pastor is in Ukraine trying to get back to US
  • A stolen car from 20 years ago is found by divers in Lauderdale county
  • German chemical company Evonik to expand facility in Mobile county


  • 8,000 more US troops are headed to Germany while Russia invades Ukraine
  • Biden issues more sanctions against Putin and Russia
  • Secret Service tells 2 senators can't find 3 yrs of communications by Hunter Biden
  • Transportation secretary is under scrutiny for prior "pay to play" evidence
  • Former Secretary of State concerned climate change is ignored during Russia/Ukraine conflict
  • FL Governor gets the crowds going at CPAC this week

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