• AL Republicans unite in a resounding NO against the Senate Border security bill
  • Congressman Strong says he has no qualms about removing DHS Secretary
  • A list of legislative priorities are released by GOP leaders in AL legislature
  • API President says gambling bill being forced into equation despite not on list
  • Congressman Moore calls on Nicaraguan Gov. to release imprisoned prisoners
  • Blind Boys of Alabama celebrate a Grammy win for their 2023 album


  • Los Angeles recovering from record rainfall from "Bomb Cyclone"
  • Reactions rain down on Border security bill just like a "Bomb Cyclone" of words
  • US House to vote on impeachment articles against DHS secretary Mayorkas
  • House Judiciary subpoenas doc on grant $ spending from Fulton County DA
  • FOIA docs show DOJ and FBI confronted with 2020 election fraud in Michigan
  • The Amazon Files released by Congressman Jordan exposes WH censorship

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