• More details about the CHOOSE Act presented this week by Governor Ivey
  • AL Supreme Court listened to oral arguments re: United Methodist Church
  • AG Marshall supplies legal response to APLS over library board compliance
  • Governor Ivey has appointed two women to positions on APLS board
  • Part 3 of API president discussing the gambling bill push in state legislature


  • SCOTUS hears oral arguments over removal of Trump from primary ballot
  • Senate Republicans vote to not advance the Border security package
  • House Oversight to investigate DoD for unaccounted weapons in Ukraine
  • DefSec to testify to Armed Services Committee on 2/29 over his absence
  • Judge in docs case against Trump rules that SC Smith must disclose his docs
  • Actor Jussie Smollet doubles down on his lies, appeals to Illinois Supreme court
  • America First Legal sues Arizona election officials for violating their state laws
  • Is rebellion brewing amongst Senate GOP vs. Mitch McConnell? One can hope
  • Tucker Carlson to release his interview with Russian President tonight

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