• State lawmaker Terri Collins defends the Numeracy Act re: Common Core
  • A jury in North Alabama deliberates over a school fraud case in Athens City
  • A Mobile high school teacher is charged with sex with a student
  • A civil lawsuit is filed against Brookside city council for police traffic trap
  • DeKalb Count Narcotics team arrest 2 men and seize 191 marijuana plants
  • Arts and Crafts Festivals get underway this weekend in Fairhope and Huntsville


  • Two prominent women offer differing opinions on the whole Ukraine/ Russia conflict
  • FL Sheriff in Polk county arrests and charges over 100 suspects in human trafficking
  • Missouri senator calls out Biden's SCOTUS nominee for leniency with child predators
  • NCAA championship swim meet takes place in Atlanta with "Lia Thomas" competing
  • Matt Walsh delivers a scathing speech on enabling Thomas and transgenderism

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