• Both AL senators condemn the pro-Hamas efforts at Columbia University
  • ALGOP Chairman calls Dem TV ad on abortion "shameless" & "disgusting"
  • Autauga county judge dismisses charges against 3 Journalists for Atmore News
  • Non-profit that helps sex trafficking victims is opposed to gambling bills
  • PETA wants fish replaced with rubber at Flora-Bama Mullet Toss


  • Joe Biden mixes words or makes Freudian slip at Tampa speech
  • Prosecutors of NY trial against Trump seek to make payment a conspiracy
  • Unredacted docs in FL case against Trump shows the REAL conspiracy of Biden
  • Jury in AZ declares mistrial of rancher charged with shooting illegal alien
  • Tesla finalizes layoffs of over 5K workers in CA and TX after slow revenue
  • More from Matt Gaetz on the no win situation with House Speaker

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