• AL's senators split votes on the $95B foreign aid spending package
  • AG Marshall voices objections to gambling bills once again
  • The Laken Riley Act is voted out of House committee after 2 delayed votes
  • Mobile police command to rebut report from former US attorney Kenyan Brown
  • Governor Ivey appoints Ben Baxley to be district judge in Elmore County
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service to remove inactive dam in Coffee County


  • US troops are planning to withdraw from the country of Niger
  • Joe Biden signs Tik Tok app ban along with foreign aid package
  • SCOTUS to hear appeal from Trump on presidential immunity
  • TN state house passes bill to trains teachers to carry concealed weapons
  • TX AG secures law on mail in ballots after SCOTUS declines Dem lawsuit
  • Hospital medical coder speaks out about horrible deaths from C19 vaccine

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