• Governor Ivey has bill that bans smoking in cars when children present
  • Bill passes AL house that penalizes supplier of drug that turns fatal
  • Tucker Carlson speaks this week at Rainbow Omega fundraiser in Oxford
  • Judge refuses Dothan woman's request for lowering of restitution payments
  • Safety investigation team from Fort Novosel in Alaska re: April 27th crash
  • 22 cadets graduate from Jefferson county law enforcement academy


  • Manhunt in TX for Mexican man who shot and killed 5 Hondurans
  • House GOP tout plan, say Biden to blame if its rejected & US defaults on debt
  • WI congressman accuses SoS Antony Blinken of lying to Congress under oath
  • WSJ article reveals CIA director met with convicted Jeffrey Epstein 3 times
  • James Dobson says Biden plans to destroy this nation's sovereignty

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