• Congressman Carl objects to new US Fishing and Wildlife regulations
  • Insults from state lawmaker Juandalyn Givan leads to more remarks
  • State health officer quietly removes his association with non profit in AL
  • Governor Ivey issues grant money to 3 police departments in Dothan area
  • Hoover police searching for Tuesday bank robbery suspect
  • June 2nd is first date for state to resume executions of death row inmates


  • Biden to send 1.2 billion in US military aid to Ukraine, total now at 36 B
  • Biden plans to visit Papua New Guinea despite looming debt default issue
  • Covid vaccine requirement for incoming flights to US no longer in place
  • TX governor takes steps to protect state ahead of end of Title 42
  • NYC jury finds Trump liable for sex abuse charges in civil case
  • CA senator Feinstein returns to DC after 3 month absence due to health
  • Tucker Carlson announces new plan with Twitter for news/commentary

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