• Tuberville assures liberals that personal money was used for trip to NYC trial
  • Sen. Britt rips into VP Harris for doing zero at the US Mexico border
  • Governor Ivey signs bill in Dempolis for new healthcare science school project
  • Athens police say road rage caused a fight between GOP volunteer & other female
  • Mobile mayor confirms that report has false information re: school incident
  • A post election audit bill was derailed by one senator and his probate judge


  • A barge hits bridge in Galveston TX, partial collapse and oil in the water
  • Biden agrees to debate Trump, with a variety of demands and stipulations
  • Study from Just Facts says likely that 2-5 million illegals are registered to vote
  • HHS takes first steps in de-barring Eco Health Alliance from grant money
  • TN has new state law that allows for death penalty to convicted child rapists
  • MS has new state law that bans requires biological bathrooms for students
  • US SoS Blinken getting ripped for going onstage with guitar in Ukraine
  • King George's first painted portrait should be titled "Lake of Fire"
  • Slovakia prime minister barely survives assassination attempt by "poet"

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