• Congressman Rogers says FBI has lost credibility after Durham report
  • Bill from Democrat state lawmaker is a cornucopia of gun control measures
  • Former director of education organization pleads guilty to embezzlement
  • More charges coming today for Dothan man accused of murdering teen
  • Comedian Kevin Hart to perform this June at Dothan Civic Center
  • Country singer Riley Green drops reference to Bud Light in his hit song


  • Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy meet to negotiate on debt ceiling issue
  • RFK jr. reveals Pfizer connection of doctor nominated to head up NIH
  • Durham Report shows CIA info ignored by FBI witch hunt into Trump
  • GA congresswoman enters articles of impeachment against FBI director
  • Election trial starts today in AZ for Kari Lake over signature verification
  • Undercover video of Fox producer confirms deal re: Carlson firing

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