• Sen. Britt to offer bill that address in Vitro Fertilization on national level
  • Sen. Britt also weighs in on NYC trial against Donald Trump
  • The failed unionization effort in Vance gets response by editorial board at WSJ
  • SoS office looking into claims by woman of receiving vote registration in mail
  • CNN commentator dies suddenly at age 58, started career in Dothan AL
  • 11 students banned from walking stage for diplomas, due to high school prank


  • Federal judge puts halt to ATFE rule regarding firearm dealers at gun shows
  • Largest organization of homosexuals to spend $15M to help Biden in swing states
  • Trump campaign calling on drug testing for Joe Biden ahead of any debates
  • House GOP says bill passed in Senate re: border is dead on arrival
  • Michael Cohen admits to taking money from Trump organization for himself
  • The International Criminal court issues arrest warrants for leaders in Middle East

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