• Sen. Britt is pushing hard for Laken Riley Act to get a floor vote in US Senate
  • AG Marshall files motion for dismissal of lawsuit against VCAP law in AL
  • Mobile city council chooses 3rd party law firm to resolve leadership dispute
  • Concerned veterans opposed to removal of marijuana drug testing of soldiers
  • Vulcan Materials refuses buyout offer from Mexican government
  • The Hands Free Law goes into effect this June 1st in Alabama


  • US funded manmade pier off coast of Israel now removed for repairs
  • Israel proceeds with offensive in city of Rafah against Hamas terrorists
  • Democrats to select presidential candidate with a virtual roll call June 4th
  • Actor Robert DeNiro rails against Trump outside Manhattan courthouse
  • Attorney Stephen Miller rails against Biden for sending in Robert DeNiro
  • FL judge denies motion from SC Jack Smith to place gag order on Trump
  • Sean Combs fallout continues as his former head of security talks
  • Harrison Butker says he stands by his commencement speech for Catholics

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