• Hearings on "judge shopping" for VCAP lawsuit to happen at end of June
  • AL media outlet gets ad $ from state that coincides with favorable articles
  • State lawmaker says gambling bill ate up time and thwarted other good bills
  • Move Over Act re: tow truck drivers working alongside road starts Oct. 1
  • Judge agrees to push out date for Mac Marquette trial in Decatur
  • Fundraiser for victim of shark attack has sold out of its tribute T-shirts


  • SCOTUS undoes ban on bump stocks, now Schumer wants to pass ban in Senate
  • Sen. Cotton says many J6 defendants have been overly charged and imprisoned
  • Federal judge issues injunction on Biden admin's change to Title IX gender rules
  • Biden plans to sell more of Strategic Petroleum Reserves ahead of election
  • House Oversight seeks more info on retaliation of IRS whistleblowers
  • US Surgeon General wants warning labels for teens put on social media platforms
  • Editor of TN Star not jailed for contempt in publishing school shooter writings
  • Kansas AG sues Pfizer for misleading public on multiple levels re: Covid vaccine

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