• Docs reveal how much "Rachel Levine" lobbied WPATH re: transgender minors
  • AG Marshall to support TN law against transgender surgeries for minors
  • UAB to make acquisition of St. Vincent/Ascension system this coming fall
  • Montgomery mayor makes two leadership appointments to fight crime in city
  • Hearings this week involve 11 attorneys accused of "judge shopping"


  • 2 Federal judges block parts of Biden's 2nd plan to forgive student loan debt
  • FL judge seems poised to reject SC Jack Smith's motion for gag order on Trump
  • NYC judge modifies the gag order on Trump after trial is completed
  • An Election worker is arrested in AZ for stealing fob and keys at election center
  • Election officials in Fulton county seek to destroy 2020 ballots, despite lawsuit
  • Court docs in 2 cases of rape/murder of women show illegal aliens unrestrained
  • A Lancet study shows 73% of deaths in 325 autopsy cases were due to C19 vax

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