• Lt.Gov. Ainsworth touts 10 pro-military bills passed in 2024 legislative session
  • AG Marshall talks about the future appeals process re: Trump's convictions
  • ALCAP President calls on churches and pastors to not be quiet in Pride Month
  • AL Supreme Court halts special investigation into Mabel Amos Trust Fund
  • Ceremony at Maxwell AFB ushers in the new Grey Wolf helicopter
  • New license plate offered to raise awareness of PTSD and counseling


  • A terror attack is thwarted ahead of the Olympic Games in France
  • Trump calls on SCOTUS to take up his appeal of NYC trial convictions
  • Trial begins for Hunter Biden in DE re: firearm violations
  • Fauci returns to Capitol Hill for subcommittee hearing on Covid 19
  • Date set for Oct. in Fulton County GA re: disqualification of Fani Willis
  • TX congressman offers amendment to defund weaponized DA offices
  • TX congresswoman to begin treatment of pancreatic cancer
  • African conference of 1M members separating from UMC due to LGBTQ changes

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