• Barry Moore points to US AG Merrick Garland re: American loss of trust in DOJ
  • AG Marshall leads 15 state lawsuit against HHS over new rule re: gender identity
  • Scholastic books pushing teachers towards "Pride" literature for kids
  • Jacksonville State marching band heads to Normandy for homage to D-Day
  • Four of AL cities make on Top 150 Best Places to Live in the US


  • Biden suddenly able to issue executive order over asylum seekers at border
  • First witness in Hunter Biden trial is ex-lover & sister in law Hallie Biden
  • Total haul for Trump campaign in less than a week since conviction- $200M
  • WI AG charges three Trump allies over 2020 election and alternate electors
  • RNC files lawsuit in Nevada over mail in ballots received beyond election day
  • Open the Books report shows NIH getting $710M in royalties during Covid crisis

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