• Governor Ivey signs anti-ESG bill into law
  • State lawmakers to send resolution to DC re: Space Command in Huntsville
  • AL to get 1.4 million in settlement with drug makers of Suboxone
  • Peruvian judge sets extradition date for Thursday of Joran Van Der Sloot
  • Millbrook city council votes for one cent sales tax increase
  • Charges dropped for Madison man re: Jan 6 2021 events in DC


  • Appeals court strikes down law prohibiting guns for non violent offenders
  • Oversight chairman talks about FBI contempt hearings for this Thursday
  • Arkansas judge now threatening jail time for Hunter Biden for noncompliance
  • CA state law on race/gender quotas for corporate boards, struck down
  • Group of Covid 19 vaccine injured people launch lawsuit against Biden
  • VP Harris visited this week with son to George Soros, won't say why

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