• Jerry Carl and Jay Town say a floating abortion clinic is not gonna happen
  • Democrat candidate to run against Governor, challenges her own party members
  • Casey White is officially charged for the escape he made from Lauderdale county
  • Huntsville to bring professional men's soccer games to Davis stadium
  • 1819's Ray Melick talks about World Games and longterm affect on Birmingham


  • Far left group plans to oppose Joe Biden in getting 2024 presidential nomination
  • First Lady Jill Biden offers apology for comparing Hispanics to a breakfast taco
  • Eric Trump takes aim at double standard re: Hunter Biden and his debauchery on tape
  • A heated exchange in Senate committee on who exactly has capacity for pregnancy
  • Wisconsin GOP leaders call for ballot box results to be decertified from 2020
  • New Mexico mom clings to hood of car after its hijacked with her kids inside

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