• Part 2 of a conversation with 1819's Will Blakeley on ESG origins and influence
  • Another Auto supply manufacturer admits to hiring underage workers in Alex City
  • Former state lawmaker Perry Hooper Jr. is charged with sexual assault in Montgomery
  • Two arrests made in Walker county regarding female body found in vehicle
  • Birmingham City Council votes to give 5 million dollars to World Games deficit


  • Joe Biden returns to White house to forgive certain Pell grant students loans yet unpaid
  • Former prime minister of Israel says latest Iran nuclear deal worst than Obama's
  • TX judge temporarily halts HHS from requiring abortions in hospitals for "emergencies"
  • 20 million Americans are behind on paying their utility bills due to inflated energy costs
  • former NBA player not going to Russia to plead for release of WNBA's Brittany Griner
  • Truth Social sees massive spike of new accounts after FBI raid of Trump's home

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