• Governor Ivey signs letter calling for Biden to rescind student loan forgiveness plan
  • A lawyer for the state indicates new execution method may be used this month
  • Trial gets underway in Limestone County for 17 year old Mason Sisk
  • Inmate Casey White asks for transfer to Cullman county where his trial begins
  • Auburn University gets highest annual ranking for the state from U.S. News
  • Chik Fil A now offering new milkshake flavor- "Autumn Spice"


  • SCOTUS to consider another religious liberty case out of Colorado state
  • ND Senator strongly opposes Senate Bill legalizing same sex marriage
  • TX woman arrested for threatening judge in Donald Trump/FBI raid case
  • Dem candidate in PA senate race changes his name at rally to "Fetterwoman"
  • TX doctor reminds Americans of their rights re: forced hospital protocols for Covid

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