• 3 maps from a special master for AL congressional districts submitted
  • AG Steve Marshall awaits SCOTUS appeal response to consider other map
  • SB 2 is filed for 2024 that would require schools to play the National Anthem
  • Former Montgomery police officer seeks new trial based evidence ommitted
  • Five schools in Alabama receive the National Blue Ribbon Award


  • A report shows DHS new wave of migrants coming to border months ago
  • CBS documentary shows US money aiding Ukraine beyond just weapons
  • RFK jr. calls for money in Ukraine to be used in US instead for same reasons
  • Donald Trump spoke to supporters in South Carolina
  • NJ Senator Bob Menendez says he won't resign despite bribery indictment
  • Texas GOP pass resolution 58 to 2 calling on state house speaker to resign
  • Bribery charges involve Smartmatic and Philippine election official

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