• Governor Ivey signs school choice bill into law, Lt Governor Ainsworth applauds
  • The anti ballot harvesting bill is headed to Governor's desk for signature
  • Clinics resume IVF procedures after immunity Bill is signed into law this week
  • Congressman Strong points out hypocrisy of Biden and fencing ahead of SOTU
  • Sen. Britt offers GOP rebuttal to Joe Biden's speech on Thursday night


  • NJ Senator says he won't seek re-election following further DOJ charges
  • FL congressman files complaint against Special Counsel Jack Smith with DOJ
  • Murder suspect of Laken Riley has illegal migrant brother who is gang member
  • US House passes bill named after Laken Riley to deter illegal migrant crime
  • FL sheriff details migrant crime arrests made in Polk County
  • Lawsuit filed against NY AG Leticia James over transgender athletes

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