When people think of missions, the images that usually come to mind are romanticized versions of what really takes place. Ministry is messy and missions even more so.

Giving yourself wholly to the service of others always comes with perils. But now imagine a ministry that sees your family sacrificing for and growing close to people who end up shot or dead because of gang violence. That isn't on the flyers at the North American Missions Board, but it is a reality for those called to bring the message of Jesus Christ to inner cities.

This week, missionary Bryan Kelly shares what it’s like on the front lines of urban evangelism as the founder and executive director of Common Ground, a non-profit that spearheads inner-city ministry in Montgomery. He shares the incredible work he and his family are involved in as well as some of the stories you don't usually think about when it comes to ministry.

The good news is Common Ground hopes to expand its efforts. Kelly fills us in on those plans and the opportunity he sees. As the Good Book shares, “The harvest is plentiful…”

Listening to this podcast, you will be encouraged by the fruit of the harvest Kelly has seen over the years while also sobered by the stories of a world most Alabamians hope to avoid.

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